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Hop over to the friends forum and see how quickly you find things in common when you are chatting with people who understand your challenges, share your values, and support your desire to make a difference.

This is a community for friends with all types of invisible disabilities, so feel free to share your stories and your top tips, ask questions, and be inspired by others who have already started their journey.    


You can find new friends in your local area and meet up, or you can work together via zoom, or you can keep all of your conversations online. You do what works best for you!  


Or if you are ready to find your purpose then jump straight onto the charity projects area and see what's happening, join in with an idea already posted if there's something that calls to you, or post your own idea so others can join you too. The fundraising ideas page can get you started, but what you choose to do is entirely up to you!

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And most importantly, remember that if your battery is low, tomorrow is another day, just park all the practicalities, have a conversation, and feel the love!

Take a look at the resource pages for some good info, or browse the articles for top tips and hot topics.

Whatever you do, have fun and enjoy!        

never let the things you can't do

stop you from doing the things you can

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